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Nonprofit Employee Handbook

Our attorney-drafted nonprofit employee handbook is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. Because of the structure of most nonprofit organizations standard employee handbooks will not work. An example would be with directors and officers as they need to be concerned with issues like conflicts of interest, self-dealing, and other issues.


Most any attorney will t tell you that your employee handbook is an extremely important document to help protect your nonprofit organization. Besides protecting your organization, a nonprofit employee handbook will give employees excellent guidelines to follow when under your employment.

Like some businesses, many nonprofit organizations use generic handbooks rather than a specific nonprofit employee handbook drafted by an attorney. By doing so you are subjecting your organization to the same risks factors as those of a traditional for profit businesses.

One of the most common problems with a long or poorly drafted nonprofit employee handbook is the risk of implied contracts within the handbook. Unintentional implied contracts produce a contracted relationship that could alter an employee's employment category from being "at-will" to a relationship that is legally binding or worse. Unintentional implied contracts that are breached by the employer may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Other potential problems are specific disciplinary actions that may cause problems if not followed exactly as stated in the handbook for every employee. Wording in the handbook implying there is some guarantee of employment. And poorly written procedures and reasons for termination.

Having a disclaimer is helpful, however, an attorney drafted nonprofit employee handbook and other important documentation is the best solution to minimize workplace disputes and lawsuits.

Employment related lawsuits have grown significantly in the last 10 years. However, there are several important things you can do to lower the risk of workplace disputes and employment lawsuits. Documentation, good counsel, and an attorney drafted nonprofit employee handbook are the backbone of prevention.

Topics covered in our nonprofit employee handbook

  • Days Absent
  • Military Duty
  • Attendance
  • Payroll Periods
  • Dress Attire
  • Employment Reviews
  • Daily Breaks
  • Individual Time Off
  • Confidentiality
  • Provisionary Period
  • COBRA Resignation
  • Termination
  • Retirement policy
  • Drugs And Alcohol
  • Safety & Accident Procedures
  • Employment Class
  • Salaried Employees
  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Employer Sick Leave
  • Exit Interview Procedures
  • Tobacco and Smoking
  • Family Medical Leave Policy
  • Substance & Chemical Misuse
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Employee Termination
  • Paid and Unpaid Holidays
  • Time Off Employees
  • Wages and Overtime
  • Using Company Computers
  • Immigration Law
  • Using Company Property
  • Jury Duty
  • Maternity Leave Policy
  • Layoffs
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Meal Periods
  • Vacation Policies

Advantages to Using Our Nonprofit Employee Handbook:


We are one of the only companies to use licensed attorneys.
Can be used for hourly and salaried employees.
Can be used for most any nonprofit organization.
Our handbook is sold to other law firms.
Editing is fast and easy to do.
Free attorney updates

We are the only company offering this attorney-drafted nonprofit employee handbook.




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